I am a Web / Graphic Designer and Programmer from Sweden living in Ramsgate.

I started learning programming as a kid and had a passion for computers then on. Photoshop and multimedia were my gateway to the creative industry which led to teaching IT and now web developing and graphic design.

Web / Graphic Designer

Starting with basic websites in the early years of the internet at a add on to the Multi media course that I was taking has evolved to what I do today. Visually appealing designs, subtle details and brand guidelines combined to innovative interfaces is what I love to create.

To be able to do this I start by establishing the functionality and structure of the project. Out of this love for aesthetic design my passion for functionality and structure evolved. Jumping right into Photoshop didn’t feel accurate anymore and skipping the steps of building a framework based on functionality and usability became inevitable.

UX Design

A user-centered mindset and sensitivity for design is my way to get a good workflow with agencies, clients and brands to develop digital concepts and solve problems together.

This framework outlines my process of developing digital experiences:

  1. RESEARCH and gather the present state
  2. STRUCTURE setup and content of the project
  4. CREATE, evaluate and iterate deliverables like

Site maps
Use cases and scenarios
User flow
Sketches and Infographics
Communicating the conceptual approach/UX strategy and reasoning behind it, is present during the whole process.


This has always been a passion of mine and still gives me rewards when I manage to come up with a simple solution to a difficult problem. Over the years I have used many different languages but lately I have been using the following.

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • ASP
  • PHP

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